Millers Creek Baptist Church
Friday, February 24, 2017

Do You Know Jesus?

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Is Jesus important to you?
Do you understand His claims to be Savior and Lord?

His desire is for you to understand who He is and the role He longs to play in your life. His desire is to glorify Himself in you.He will do this and become a constant companion, counselor, and guide in your life if you will give Him opportunity.

Do you need a friend? Does your life need guidance?
Do you need help? Do you need forgiveness?

You need Jesus.
He longs to have a relationship with you.
He wants to give you forgiveness and His salvation.

Salvation is a gift from God.
It is not something you earn or buy.

Eternal life is not the end result of a good life.

You can not receive it by being baptized or going to church.

Here are some things the Holy Spirit will help you understand. Please look up and refer to the included Scripture references

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 1. God loves you very much and pursues a relationship with you.
(John 3:16,17 and 6:44)

  2. You are a sinner and are separated from God because of your sin.
In and of himself, man is utterly helpless to save himself. You need a Savior.
(Romans 3:10-12 & 23, 5:8, and 6:23)

  3. When we surrender to Jesus, repent of our sins and commit to follow him, he will save us. (Romans 10:9-10)

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