Millers Creek Baptist Church
Tuesday, August 04, 2015
Jared Blair
Children's Pastor

Power House Scripture memory allows children from ages three through grade six to weekly study the Bible and memorize foundational verses for the Christian life. The year goes from August-July and children are rewarded trophies for completing their work by the end of August each year. Verses must be recited to the child's Sunday School teacher or the Children's Pastor. This is an excellent way for children to consistently be learning and memorizing key parts of God's precious Word!

Parents are encouraged to help children and apply these verses to the way kids live and behave at home, at school, and elsewhere. Power House serves as a great tool for building quality family time based on God's Word and its authority in our everyday lives.

Need a booklet? Lost yours? Below are .PDF files of each grade level for the current year. Feel free to reference or download these.
3 Years Old - 2014-15
4 Years Old - 2014-15
5 Years Old - 2014-15
Kindergarten 2014-15
1st Grade - 2014-15
2nd Grade - 2014-15
3rd Grade - 2014-15
4th Grade - 2014-15
5th grade - 2014-15
6th Grade - 2014-15